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Our experts have gathered some of the best answers to garage door related questions many homeowners end up wondering about.

Start by inspecting which type of garage door opener you have. If it's a chain drive opener, replace it with a belt drive that is completely silent. Lubrication maintenance is the best way for solving most noisy mechanical issues. You must remember that no garage door can be completely silent since they are made of over 300 hundred parts that are all working together. A little noise is unavoidable.
Your actions would depend on your opener. If you own an old garage door opener, you will need to use the emergency release cord that would allow you to operate the door manually. You should locate it and learn exactly how to use it before an emergency occurs. If your opener is new, it might have a backup battery system, which will keep the garage door working normally for a few hours.
The particular characteristic of multi-functional remote controls is that apart from activating various openers, they can also be programmed to turn on/off lights and other small appliances in your house, utilizing each button for a different purpose. This is what some call the “smart house” way of doing things. Depending on your needs, these remotes can be very convenient.
There are several types of garage door opener. The main ones are chain drive, belt drive, screw drive and direct drive. They're all pretty self-explanatory. The chain drive utilizes a chain mechanism in opening/closing the door. The belt drive uses a belt mechanism. The screw drive uses the corkscrew rod and the direct drive is attached straight to the torsion bar. If you want an opener that operates quietly (as opposed to the chain drive), choose the belt drive. If you want one that requires less frequent repairs, get the screw drive. If you want a more compact one, choose the direct drive.

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